B612 Online

B612 Online Selfie Camera – Create your best Selfies!

B612 Online for PC - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadB612 Online is simply the best app for taking selfies anytime and anywhere with the most fun and fresh features. You can make a composition of up to nine photographs and even vertical composition of two or three pictures.

Download B612 Online now and pick the perfect angle that shows off the real you. The application also includes a timer with which you can take selfies from a distance and another great feature is the tilt-shift where you can set up the depth of the field.

B612 for PC Online comes with easy-to-use interface, has a lot of filters like when you take a photo you can slide your finger along the bottom of the screen a see a small preview of how it will look like with all kinds of different effects and the application is smart enough to remember all of your most used filters and easily lets you select from them.

There is times when you find yourself in mystic exotic or interesting locales and places, which you want to show the whole world, so get B612 Online for free and show  anybody you like the world through your eyes and share your photos in the social media or send them to friends with a simple one or two clicks.

Another amazing feature in B612 Camara Online is Vignette which is great for darkening the borders of photos to bring out what you really want to show. You are using filters? Don’t you worry, every Vignette automatically adjusts to the filter you are currently using.

B612 Camera Online will make the world look better through your phone, once you are done editing framing and filtering your awesome photos you just took, or you took a year ago, it doesn’t really matter when you have took the photos, run them through this amazing application and get the party started.

Downloading is extremely easy, just visit the B612 Download page and learn more about it!

If you want to learn more about this photo editor in other language we have a few other pages just for this purpose.

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For Turkish or Portuguese you can visit B612 Indir or B612 Baixar pages.